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The photos scandal: Pippa Middleton dancing in bra

The sister of Princess Kate Middleton shows a neo enviable cleavage in some images published in the weekly People. See the hot pictures.

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The photos scandal: Pippa Middleton dancing in bra

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Until a few days ago it was a perfect stranger, but after the appearance at the wedding of her sister Kate, in that dress snug snow-white, Pippa Middleton has become the true protagonist of the web.

A breathtaking body and a B-side from the cover of Playboy have been overshadowed the delicate Kate stealing the scene and already the media are betting on the election of the girl to one of the top 100 most beautiful women in the world in the annual ranking compiled by Fhm.

His brother James is involved in a scandal, and his photos on the net going crazy little princes, but very festive. It thus follows that the holidays are a weakness of the Middleton family, which also saw Philippa, said Pippa, was unearthed by the People Weekly while at a party dancing in bra. Who knows, maybe there will be big celebrations at court in the coming months.

Pippa Middleton reggiseno 
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