sabato 15 giugno 2013

Tube Galore, from Paris Hilton Nicole Minetti: hard videos of celebrities

Sara Tommasi would have shot two weeks ago in Switzerland, Nicole Minetti denies of having ever thought. The newsworthy porn and it is no coincidence that vip visibility you need matching to this sector even just in words. The prezzemolina Tamaki held banco in recent weeks with rumors about his first film hard: now it's practically official, complete with a title ("Sara against all"), backstage photos and online release date (July 7). Nicole Minetti, whose announcement that he would give to porn has made headlines recently, is also running for cover even threatening legal action: the announcement, which had been circulated on Twitter, in fact departed from an unmanaged profile from Nicole, but by someone who poses as her. An identity theft that wouldn't have prevented the news making the rounds of all sites.

But there are just porn movies: often the intimate moments of vip online end up without their consent and without that there is behind some Director or production. This is the case of the sex tape, the most famous of which is probably that of the beloved/hated Belen Rodriguez, a real cult briefly became the most downloaded amateur video by Italians: the provision of showgirl argentina with then-boyfriend had arrived even on the stalls. But talking about sex tape cases abound ...

Industry pioneer was the former ' lifeguard ' Pamela Anderson: his ' performance ' by boat with her husband were one of the first sex tape ends up in the hands of the press. After her is impossible to forget Paris Hilton: his stunts, registered by the partner at the time, our grief is to become the famous "A night in Paris". Among the latest there is Kim Kardashian: a very special sex tape, where Kardashian made even golden showers from her boyfriend at the time, Ray j. but among the VIPs were victim of own sexual movie there are also sports: this is the case of striker Ronaldinho, ended up in the net with video that portrayed him as he gave moments of pleasure in solitude.

The sex tape does not leave the dead in peace: there is indeed a video lasting 5 minutes starring the late rapper Tupac Shakur. In the clip the singer is intent on drinking a cocktail and sing one of his songs, while a girl the practice of oral sex. Speaking of celebrities who have left us, it is impossible not to mention Marilyn Monroe: even the world beauty icon had shot a pornographic short in 1946, a film of 6 minutes in black and white which survived only two copies.

Even the powerful Jennifer Lopez risked big: a hot shot video with ex husband Ojani Noa was going to end up in the wrong hands, but j.Lo managed to unleash the lawyers and to prevent its publication. Even the singer Usher had been durubato in 2009 of ' Chamber ' film shot with his wife Tameka Foster: the star of r&b had carelessly left the precious car safe, but the alarm was back with the providential robber arrest by the police.

Last, but not least, the video hard to Ruby, Karima El Mahroug: the red light film had ended up in the hands of the King of paparazzi Fabrizio Corona, but had decided not to publish it: "this morning they took me in drafting the red light video (I assure you, that most redheads can not) of Ruby Rubacuori. The video is private, the girl in question is absolutely Karima El Mahroug engaged in a performance worthy of Cicciolina and Moana Pozzi with a guy who is never seen in the face. Probably is consenting and aware to be revived since watch room and winks often prominently. It is filmed in a closed environment, a hotel room or a private apartment.

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