domenica 6 dicembre 2015

Kristen Stewart, the best dressed among the stars

In the top ten there are also Taylor Swift, singer FKA twigs, Victoria Beckham and Angelina JolieThe beauty is no merit: we are born and the most of you must know how to keep. But the style, elegance and charm are something else. Who is the most stylish of them all? According to the 'bible' in the web is Kristen Stewart, voted the best dressed woman of the year. The list includes 50 names, and trouble in some quarters not to mention ...
The Twilight star, in short, is considered the most elegant of 'queens' of the look as the designer Victoria Beckham (only in ninth place) or the beautiful wife of Brad Pitt, the actress and activist Angelina Jolie (tenth). Kristen was also preferred to look romantic and impeccable Kate Middleton (who nonetheless won 4th place) also loved by the British for bringing a breath of fresh air in the fashion of the royal house.

In the top ten there are also the beautiful Taylor Swift (fifth in the standings) sensual but without excess and burrs and FKA twigs, singer, 27, who is in second place of the podium.It triggered curiosity: the two women 'best dressed' the year are both related in some way to Robert Pattinson, Stewart in the past, while the singer seems to have a relationship with the actor right now.

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