lunedì 9 maggio 2016

Charlize Theron the end of the love story, the love, the children: the Oscar-winning actress is said to open the heart ....

Charlize Theron breaks the silence: "That's why it's over with Sean Penn." Almost a year after the breakup, the actress speaks for the first time the end of the love story that had made us dream: it was the Hollywood glam couple.

"I AM NOT GONE IN NOTHING" - Charlize tells not to be vanished, after the departure as it was called. It is not true that stopped suddenly nobody available to phone calls and messages of Sean. So why after a year and a half dream love, love of life and family, after the last red carpet of Cannes 2015.

"IS GONE SO '" - The actress has told the Wall Street Journal Magazine: "When one story, there is always the need to do sensationalism," he says, "to create some incredible story, some drama." "It was like this: we were together and then stopped working and we decided together to separate us: that's all."

"She WAS NOT ADOPTING JACKSON" - The spark between the two Academy Awards, who were friends of long standing, has struck some two years after the actress had adottao Jackson. And, he says, it is not true that he was going to adopt him, "Is not that so qulcosa happens in just 18 months, you can not do that to a child ... you have to be very delicate and very honest in these things. And Sean was great in that. "

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